University Honors


University honors is awarded to less than one percent of the graduating class and is the highest academic award Wesleyan bestows. University Honors are awarded to students who have earned departmental or general scholarship High Honors and have performed with unusual distinction in an oral examination before members of the Committee on Honors.

To be eligible, a student must fulfill general education expectations, earn high honors (either departmental or in general scholarship), be recommended for University honors, and qualify in an oral examination administered by the Committee on Honors.

University Honors Recipients, 2001-2019:











Teresa Naval

一道本不卡免费高清Corrugated Cartographies: The Balikbayan Box and its Sociotechnical Networks

Science in Society



Isabel Steckel

Archives of Nature: Revisiting Aldrovandi's Studio

一道本不卡免费高清College of Letters and Italian Studies








Jack Guenther

"Gateway to the World": Hamburg & the Global German Empire, 1881-1914

College of Letters, German Studies and History



Mira Guth

一道本不卡免费高清Cultures of Nature: An Orchard's Tale

Science in Society



Julia Lejeune

Comparing Two Cognitive Training Approaches in Psychosis




Louisa Winchell

Redevelopment Remains




Rebecca Zegans

On the Origins of Human Questioning







Sofia Marie GoodeIn the Name of Protection: A Queer Abolitionist Critique of ReformFeminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Rachel Harlene RosenmanA Rosary Among the Roses: Tracing Pastoral Allusions and Spiritual Resonances in Chamber Music by Mel BonisFrench Studies and Music
Rachel Elizabeth SavageInvestigating the Thermodynamic Stability of DNA Four-Way Junctions Using Fluorescent Nucleoside AnaloguesMolecular Biology & Biochemistry
May Tina Treuhaft-AliThrough Everchanging Tracks of Neverchanging Space: Staging James Joyce's Ulysses as a Spatial PracticeTheater


Varun UrsekarThe Pseudopotential as a Tool for Describing Ion Crystal MorphologyPhysics


Samantha HellbergUnder the Influence: Effects of Ethanol Exposure and Anxiety on Motivation for Gambling-like CuesPsychology


Miles Cornwall"Grocery" an artistic thesis exhibitionGeneral Scholarship
Quinta JurecicRecords of Anguish: Democracy, Dirty Hands, and the Myth of the Tragic PoliticianGovernment


William FrakerSituating Place Cells in Ecologically Embodied CognitionScience in Society
Benjamin JacobsWhen the River of History Disappears: Past in China's Patriotic Education CampaignCollege of Social Studies
Rebecca McClellanThe Catalytic, Asymmetric "Interrupted" Feist-Bénary Reaction of a,Β-DiketoestersChemistry
Chloe RinehartObstacles to Uptake: The Case of Ecuador's Conditional Cash Transfer Program, the Bono de Desarrollo HumanoLatin American Studies & Government


Aria Danaparamita British Borobudur Buddha: Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, Orientalist Antiquarianism, and a Material Historiography of Java (1811-1816)History
Zoe MuellerThe Interstate System in the American Cultural Memory: The Creation and Contestation of the Highway Spaces of Cleveland and Detroit, Postwar to Present General Scholarship
Kyra SuttonIslam's Turn on the Couch: The Psychoanalytic Theorizing of Muslim Identity in France College of Letters and French Studies
Ali ChaudhryTo Float, to Peg, or to Hide? Deciphering de facto Exchange Rate Regimes in South AsiaEconomics
Anna McKinsey"Vascular" - a creative printmaking thesisGeneral Scholarship
Ariel SchwartzComposing the Autistic Self - Current and Emerging Autism DiscoursesGeneral Scholarship
Solomon Adler"I Belong to Every Country": John James Audubon and the Multivalence of National IdentityHistory
Laura GeronimoCultural Policy and Economic Development: Empirical and Political Complexities of Relating Arts to Growth in CitiesGeneral Scholarship


 Samuel Max CohenExploring the Chemical and Biological Nature of Sonic Hedgehog Dependent Cell ProliferationMolecular Biology & Biochemistry
 Brendan Thomas Conuel"The Contradiction at the Heart of the World": Nietzsche, Jesus, and the Detonation of DenotationReligion
 Peter Davenport HullEconomic Shocks and Civil Conflict: Evidence from the Constraints of the Open-Economy TrilemmaMathematics-Economics


 Joseph Maximilian Krafft Mighty FineEnglish
 Alison Epstein Ringel Tdh3 (a GAPDH isozyme) is a novel regulator of Sir2Molecular Biology & Biochemistry


 Daniel Robert Austin The Role of STEP in Regulating Excitotoxic Cell DeathNeuroscience & Behavior
 Cedric Howshan Bien The Barefoot Doctors: China's Rural Health Care RevolutionEast Asian Studies
 Emma Anne Komlos-Hrobsky "A Self to Recover, A Queen": The Subjects and Poesis in Sylvia Plath's ArielEnglish
 Kathleen Ellen Mollison ""Men are Made Here": Prosthetic Technologies After WWIHistory
 Emily Ambrose Wang Nikolai Gumilev, Modernist MythmakerRussian Languages & Literatures


 Jacob Stuart Goldin Rationality and Self-ConflictGovernment, Economics


 No recipients   



 Robert Laird Judson Secondary Structure in the Replication of Hepatitis Delta Virus RNAMolecular Biology & Biochemistry
 Mark William Vorkink An Imagined Umma: Discourse, Ideology, and the Islamic NatioReligion


 Brittany Joyce Allen Trans/scendence: Ethical Possibility in Intersex ManagementScience and Society, Women's Studies
 Megan Elizabeth Brown Erasures: 'Chalking' at Wesleyan University, 1992-2003College of Letters
 Eli Solomon Staub Formalization and Its DiscontentsCollege of Social Studies
 Ka Yat Yuen Platform Competition with Must-Have ComponentsCollege of Social Studies, Economics


 Colin Echeverria Aitken Characterization of the DNA B-A TransitionMolecular Biology & Biochemistry
 Elizabeth Anne Hoffecker Rethinking SettlementCollege of Social Studies


 Benjamin Stewart Allen The New Brazilian Land ReformLatin American Studies
 Colby Brown Reinventing the Wheel: Social Structure and Urban ExpresswaysSociology
 Olivia Alton Weisser The Compleat Pratice of Physick: Astrology and the Art of Healing in Seventeenth-Century EnglandHistory


 Joseph Raymond Casey Relocating Culture: Da-sein and the "Hui" PeoplePhilosophy, College of Letters
 Brandon Bailey Dotson The Council of Tibet: A Political Analysis of Early Tibetan BuddhismReligion
 Adam Robert Goss Magmatic Evolution of Volcan Copahue, Neuquen, ArgentinaEarth & Environmental Sciences